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Purpose-driven platform to Recycle and Repurpose leftover cellular data on monthly phone bills.

Devarshan Patel

  • Description of the idea

    CellulApp is a Technology-based SaaS platform. Which allows users to whether sell or buy internet data. We are a purpose-driven platform with the goal of recycling and repurposing cellular data. Coming from a developing nation such as India. And while growing up Internet reach and price was always an issue. And after coming to the USA, I surveyed around my neighborhood and also online via ASU (Arizona State University) and other survey networks. And found out that It is not just me but 52% of the total survey responders reckon that it is either expensive or they do not fully use their monthly data plans. That is why cellulApp is building a community platform that lets our users buy or sell the leftover internet data. Adapting to our platform is very easy and simple. First, you sign up for free. The second is to select whether to buy or sell internet data. Third, you pay or get paid depending on how much the internet was consumed or shared. I have summarised our cross-platform Application and the website which lets users find whether someone needs the internet or wants to share their internet data. It shows the proximity and other details. cellulApp follows and comes under all the ISP policies. No breach of policy. We allow users to share leftover internet with anybody in close proximity to them. That way, it makes their passive income and in-directly covers the cell plan expenses. We have built our business model repeatable, scalable and affordable. It is as low as $1 per GB
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    As being one of the pioneers in the specific niche, We reckon that this is the best time to grow the audience on our platform. cellulApp allows its users to learn and earn with the Internet. And that is why, in this era of Millenials, the fast-spreading concept of passive money is one of the many factors that cellulApp fulfills. Also, in the growing numbers of start-ups and companies, we are one of the purpose and process-driven platforms.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    As being one of the pioneers we are unique and provide services to a niche community. Our competitors are simplyfi and neocortex. The neocortex is a storage and data landing platform which has nearly no relation to Internet hotspot sharing. At the same time, Simplify has a complex payment model and is very inactive in North America. They mainly focus on Malaysia. Hence, cellulApp is very capable of capturing the north-American market and with the help of collaborations with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, Their drivers will be able to share their internet with the passengers and this model are much more useful in restaurants, cabs, social and touristy places with consideration that those cases are in close proximity.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Our ask for $10,000 will satisfy very specific needs including but not limited to developing and operating cellulApp, marketing and sales, software development, and legal and other inventory costs. It will be ratioed particularly for software development, marketing, operations, legal as 40-30-20-10.